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We all need an Accident Lawyer.
Things happen in life, and when they do, it is best to have

Competent, professional Accident Lawyer representation on your side.

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Bouncer assaults, rape, intimidation and road rage fit into this category of cases. Punishing perpetrators by forcing them to pay through civil litigation is a better option that trying to get back at them on your own. We may be able to help.

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Drunk driving is so dangerous there’s a societal goal to eliminate it by broadening the scope of those who can be held responsible.  Prompt investigation and dram shop notice win these cases. Contact Portland Accident Lawyer for a FREE consultation.

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Traffic accident and negligence cases turn on who’s responsible and how much they (and by extension their insurer) have to pay. Before disputes arise with the insurance adjuster – and they will – get a refresher on your rights from your accident lawyer.

How to deal with property owners after suffering injuries at a premise? Don’t go it alone. Especially where they may be responsible for serious injuries or death, you’ll benefit from knowledge from your Premises Liability Lawyer. Let us help you find and establish what they did wrong.

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What to do if you or a relative suffer injuries from hidden hazards, need to negotiate a settlement, etc.? Call Portland Lawyer for a FREE consultation to make sure you get well compensated. A few key questions need to be answered first. Call and we’ll help you figure it out.

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