Practice Areas

Assault and Battery – Civil Justice
Bouncer assaults, rape, intimidation and road rage fit into this category of cases. Punishing perpetrators by forcing them to pay through civil litigation is a better option that trying to get back at them on your own. We may be able to help.

Injured by a Drunk Driver?
Drunk driving is so dangerous there’s a societal goal to eliminate it by broadening the scope of those who can be held responsible.  Prompt investigation and dram shop notice win these cases. Contact Portland Accident Lawyer for a FREE consultation.

Motorcycle, Bicycle and Car Wrecks - Insurance Claims
Traffic accident and negligence cases turn on who's responsible and how much they (and by extension their insurer) have to pay. Before disputes arise with the insurance adjuster - and they will - get a refresher on your rights from us. 

Big Rigs - Catastrophic Loss
How to deal with an insurance company after suffering a catastrophic loss? Don't go it alone. Especially where a commercial carrier is responsible for serious injuries or death, you'll benefit from knowledge. Let us help you find and establish what they did wrong.

Hit & Run - Uninsured Motorist (UM) Claims
What to do if you get hit by a driver who then flees the scene? Call the police, sure, but beyond that what can you do to recoup your losses?  Can you recoup your losses? A few key questions need to be answered first. Call and we'll help you figure it out.

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