Your Rights

FREE Consultation

DO get a free consultation with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. We offer them to anyone who calls. We’ll answer your questions and give you guidance, and let you know if we’re able to help.

You’re under no obligation to hire us, and the free consultation gives you a chance to decide if we’re right for you.

Payment Options

You DO have payment options. Most personal injury representation is undertaken on a contingent fee, or percentage, basis.

This works for most people who aren’t in a position to make regular monthly payments at an attorney’s normal hourly rate. Under a contingent fee agreement there is no attorney fee if there is no recovery.

Recover Your Losses

You DO have a right to recover your losses from the responsible party in court. No one has to pay a settlement and no one has to accept a settlement offer. Settlements are voluntary.

If you don’t get a fair offer, we’ll take your case to trial.

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Insurance Pay Medical Bills

Your auto insurance company DOES have the obligation to pay your medical bills under PIP, regardless of who was at fault.

This allows you to get the treatment you need and your doctors to be paid on a current basis without having to wait until the case is over. 

Private Conversation

You DO have a right to expect your conversation with your lawyer to be private and protected under the Attorney-Client Privilege.

The privilege works best when clients refrain from discussing their case with anyone outside their lawyer’s office, including Facebook posts and the like.

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